We are building a community authored plan for the future of one of the last remaining undeveloped headlands in the San Francisco Bay Area - Point Molate.

Our mission seeks to convert the former Navy fuel depot into a sustainable rejuvenation of important historical aspects of Pt. Molate with protection and restoration of its rare native species and supporting habitat.

A true 'people's' gathering place to enjoy the wonders of the SF Bay Area, celebrate and display local craft, fruits of the earth, as well as global cultural infusion, and a place for multiple generations to learn and develop tomorrow's sustaining technologies.
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With the environmental cleanup of the Winehaven District well underway and scheduled for completion later this year, all sights are set on Pt. Molate's future. A working group initiated by former Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin was formed a year ago.  Comprised of a variety of Pt. Molate stakeholders and representatives from the Trust for Public Land, the group has been focused on next steps for Pt. Molate's rehabilitation, preservation, and development.

Over the years there have been many ideas for the reuse of Pt. Molate and as part of the Base Closure process, a Reuse Plan was developed by a 45 member Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee and adopted by the Reuse Authority in 1997. Subsequent plans and visions have followed suit with the concepts outlined in the Reuse Plan for rehabilitation of the Winehaven District and other historic buildings, preservation of natural resources, recreation and economic development.  The economic analysis in the Reuse Plan however dates back 20 years, and the more recent visions and plans did not include an economic analysis.
In partnership with the City of Richmond, CFSPM is sponsoring the Pt. Molate Beach Park Adopt-a-Beach program.  Be a part of this effort to keep the beach ship shape, and provide vital monitoring data to our partners.  CFSPM and the City of Richmond Parks Dept. will be providing docent and adopt-a-beach caretaker training throughout the summer of 2015.

Cover of 1997 Pt. Molate Navy Fuel Depot Base Reuse Plan
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MAY 17, 2015
The 2015 season of Pt. Molate Beach Park's Adopt-a-Beach program swings into gear on Sunday May 17th.  Come down to the beach park from 1:30 to 3:00 PM for docent training and become an Adopter!
On April 11, 2015 at the Richmond Museum of History, Calvin Fong will speak at 2PM about his father Fong Wan's shrimp businesses in Oakland and Richmond during the 1930's and 1940's.  Fong Wan was a famous herbalist who had many businesses in the East Bay and San Francisco, including restaurants, night clubs, hotels, emporium type stores and a shrimp harvesting and distribution enterprise.  The Fong Wan shrimp Company or Quong Tai Shrimp Company was located on Cutting Boulevard in Richmond from 1936-1948.  Calvin will give an informal lecture about his father and the Chinese experience in Richmond for approximately 45-60 minutes and will answer audience questions after the lecture.  The program is free with general admission and held in conjunction with the Shrimping on the Bay: A View from Richmond exhibit on display at the Richmond Museum of History from now until May 24, 2015
The Trust for Public Land has offered to fund an analysis of Best Use scenarios for Pt. Molate with economic feasability data to be provided by a leading SF Bay Area planning expert, but requires a matching contribution to the project from the City of Richmond.  Funds have been identified in the Pt. Molate General Fund budget for 2014-2015, but the City Council must approve the allocation.  This will be up for a vote on April 7, 2015. Please show your support for this vital step and send this letter of support to the Richmond City Council.  (download and email this support letter).  You are also invited to speak in support of this item (N-1) at the April 7 2015 City Council meeting.
The Shrimping on the Bay: A View from Richmond   exhibit celebrates the Chinese shrimping villages on the San Francisco Bay with a focus on the shrimp camps in Richmond, the most siginficant of which was at Pt. Molate.  The exhibit uses a combination of photographs, archaelogical collections, oral history and family recollections to tell the store of the Chinese shrimpters in Richmond. 

The show includes artifacts related to historic shrimp camps on the Richmond bayfront that were recovered from archaeological excavations that took place in 2008 and have never before been on display to the public.  For more information about Pt. Molate's lost Chinese shrimp camp, download the flyer.