We are a grass roots organization of citizens in the Bay Area concerned with the welfare of one of the last remaining undeveloped headlands in San Francisco Bay - Point Molate.

We advocate responsible, sustainable land use that will provide social betterment, land stewardship, and community use.

Fifteen years ago the US Navy began the process of transferring the remaining acreage of the former Navy Fuel Depot at Point Molate to the City of Richmond, and Upstream LLC proposed an Indian Casino project for the site.

In the ensuing time, visions for a conversion that would be in keeping with Bay Area aesthetics and mixed use allocation that would provide benefits to the community and the Bay area, have fallen by the wayside.

We seek to restore a land use vision for Point Molate that will be in keeping with the conversions at the Presidio and Fort Baker - one the Bay Area can be proud of, and that will serve many generations in the future.

We work with forward thinking land use planners, grant foundations, and people like you who want to see a sustainable Point Molate conversion that is respectful of the unique nature of the land at Point Molate, and a gem to be treasured forever.
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CITIZENS FOR A SUSTAINABLE POINT MOLATE            |           P.O. BOX 71212, RICHMOND, CA. 94807           |               info@cfspm.org
  • Working with community groups, elected officials, service organizations and educational institutions to develop frameworks for responsible growth and land use policy.

  • Regulation advocacy to address health and social impacts in new use and reuse developments.

  • Providing community education on land use policy impact and development project impact.

  • Communications support for community voices.

  • Outreach to service organizations as well public and private resources to support community voicing and participation in growth and development policy.
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  • Developing partnerships for the restoration of historic structures and economic development

  • Teaming with agencies and non-profits for remediation and maintenance of Pt. Molate